RFB Viking Leather Armour, black and brown

from 79.92
Delivery weight: 900 g



Simple viking style body armour made from robust leather that comes with lots of chromed rivets, suited for any LARP characteras well as for a medieval market. Adjustable straps on the back (that run around the sides and over the shoulders) allow you to individuallyattach this armour to your body for a perfect fit.

- Material: leather.
- Colour: black, brown.
- available sizes: S, M, L, XL.


Size Length from shoulder Chest girth Weight
S approx. 47,5 cm approx. 80 cm min./approx 120 cm max. approx. 900 gram
M approx. 50 cm approx. 87,5 cm min./approx 140 cm max. approx. 1100 gram
L approx. 52,5 cm approx. 95 cm min./approx 160 cm max. approx. 1300 gram
XL approx. 55 cm approx. 102,5 cm min./approx 180 cm max. approx. 1500 gram

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.

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