GIFT VOUCHER of AstorDispatch

GIFT VOUCHER of  AstorDispatch


GIFT VOUCHER of AstorDispatch redeem:

Go forward while redeeming your gift voucher as follows:

1. Put the wished articles as usual in the goods basket.
2. After choice of each type you click on 'goods basket indicate'.
3. Give less than '1th of goods basket' in the field intended for it 'advantage code' your voucher code and 'activation' you to these.
4. The value of your gift voucher is automatically drawn off from the goods value.
5. Close your order by input of the data in '2th of customer's data', '3rd of dispatch and payment' and '4. Examine and ordering' from.
6. Under '4. Examine and ordering' to expelled forwarding expenses are settled with the existing voucher credit.

Bill (ordered goods) and voucher are settled with each other and a possibly appearing credit, is stored as a credit note with AstorDispatch.

Please, think to exhaust the voucher value possibly fully. It is not to be paid possibly the voucher or a balance in cash.

If you have a balance, this is stored under the same voucher code on your account with us. Therefore you can continue at any time - by the input of your code - your purchase.

With the delivery of your goods you get to the given bill address a bill, as well as a credit note about the voucher value.

If the amount of the bill about the voucher value lies, you can pay the balance completely problem-free by transfer.

- The voucher keeps three years its validity (legal period of limitation).

Your AstorDispatch team wishes you a relaxing purchase.

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