The general commercial conditions and terms of delivery (AGB) of the firm


Overview about the general terms of trade
(with legal information)

1. Area of application
2. Contracting partner
3. Offer and contract end
4. Revocation right, revocation instruction, revocation consequences
5. Prices and forwarding expenses
6. Delivery
7. Payment
8. Retention of title
9. Guarantee.
Other information.

1. Area of application
For all deliveries of to consumer (§ 13 Civil Code) is considered these general terms of trade (AGB).

2. Contracting partner
The contract of sale comes about with her:, managing director: Karin Kleinert, Schillerstr. 24, 89 231 Neu-Ulm. You reach our customer service for questions, complaints and objections workdays from 10:00h to 18:00h under the telephone number +49 (0)731-9458 412, as well as by E-mail under

3. Offer and contract end
3.1 No legally binding offer, but a demand on the order represents the representation of the products in the on-line Shop. All offers are apply " as long as the supply it reaches " if with the products something else is not noted. Errors reserve.
3.2 by clicking the badge ' order send ' in the concluding step of the order process you deliver an obliging order of the goods contained in the goods basket. The contract of sale comes about if we accept your order by a confirmation of order by E-mail after the getting of your order.

4. Revocation right
4.1 Consumers (§ 13 Civil Code) has a legal revocation right.

Revocation instruction.

Revocation right.
You can revoke your contract explanation within two weeks without information of reasons in text form (e.g., letter, E-mail) or by return of the thing. The term begins at the earliest with getting of this instruction. For the protection of the revocation term the punctual sending of the revocation or the thing is enough. Revocation is to be directed in:, managing director: Karin Kleinert, Schillerstr. 24, 89 231 Neu-Ulm, Germany, E-mail:

Revocation consequences:
In case of an effective revocation the performances(achievements) received on both sides to grant back and if necessary pulled uses (e.g., interests) are to be given change. If you cannot grant to us the received achievement in whole or in part or only in worsened condition back, you must perform to us in this respect if necessary worth substitute. With the hiring of things this is not considered(applies not) if the deterioration of the goods is due exclusively to Your test - how You would have been possible to you possibly in the shop. Incidentally you can avoid the worth obligation to indemnify, while you do not take the thing like Your property in use and refrain from everything what diminishes Your value. Package of dispatch capable things are to be sent back. Not package of things capable of dispatch are fetched from you. You have to carry the expenses of the return if the supplied goods of the ordered(appointed) ones correspond and if the price of the thing to be sent back does not exceed an amount of 40 Euros or if you have not produced the consideration or a by contract arranged partial payment with a higher price of the thing at the time of the revocation yet. Otherwise the return is for you free of charge. You must fulfill obligations to the allowance of payments within 30 days after sending Your revocation explanation.

End of the revocation instruction.

5. Prices and dispatch cost
5.1 On the product sides to named prices contain the legal value added tax and other price components.
5.2 We calculate in addition to the given prices for the delivery within forwarding expenses of Germany in accordance with the following forwarding expenses installation. The forwarding expenses are informed of you on the product sides, in the goods basket system and on the order side again clearly.
On payment PayPal there are no fees. Other taxes or expenses do not result.

Forwarding expenses list

6 Delivery
6.1 The delivery takes place about our service partner DHL.
6.2 The delivery time amounts as a rule to 3 workdays. We point perhaps divergent delivery times on the respective product side.
6.3 Should the ordered product not be available in time because we are not supplied with this product by our supplier in time, we inform you immediately. It is free to you in such a case to wait for the ordered product or to cancel your order. With a cancellation produced considerations are refunded if necessary already immediately.

7. Payment
Payment will be made either in advance or PayPal or cash on collection.
7.2 With choice of the payment kind Prebox office we mention to you our bank connection in the confirmation of order and supply the goods after payment entrance.
7.3 A right to the compensation is entitled to you only if your counterclaims were found out validly judicially or were recognized in writing by us.
7.4 You can carry out a keeping back right only, as far as the claims from the same contractual relationship result.

8. Retention of title
Up to complete payment the goods remain our property.

9. Guarantee.
The guarantee takes place to the legal regulations. With all, during the legal guarrantee of two years from delivery, appearing lack you have the legal law on postfulfillment (after your choice: lack removal or new delivery) and - by presenting of the legal presuppositions - the legal laws on decrease or resignation as well as besides on compensation. You must admit two finishing touches attempts for us altogether. If the kind wished by you of the postfulfillment is possible only with uncomparative expenses, your claim in the other way of the postfulfillment limits itself.

Other information
Order occurrence

If you have found the wished product, you can put this without obligation by clicking the badge in the goods basket. You can look at the content of the goods basket at any time by clicking the badge 'goods basket' without obligation. You can remove the products at any time by clicking the symbol 'waste-paper basket' again from the goods basket. If you want to buy the products in the goods basket, click the badge ' other to the box office '. Please, give then your data one in the opening window. The obligation information is marked with *. A registration is not required. Your data will transfer encoded. After input of your data you check your inputs, please, again. By clicking the badge ' order send ' you conclude the order occurrence. The occurrence can be broken off at any time by closing of the browser window. On the separate sides you get other information, e.g., to correction possibilities.

Contract text
The contract text is stored on our internal systems. You can see the general terms of trade at any time on this side. The order data become to you send by email. After conclusion of the order the contract text is not accessible for reasons of safety any more on the Internet.

Data security
We use the data informed by you to the fulfillment and processing of your order. A passing on of your data takes place to the dispatch enterprise instructed with the delivery, as far as this is necessary for the delivery of the goods (name, address, perhaps telephone number for the coordination of dates of delivery). For the processing of payments we transmit your payment data if necessary to our company bank. A passing on of your data to other third persons or a use to advertising purposes does not take place. With entire processing of the contract and entire purchase price payment your data are closed for the other use and are deleted at the end of the rules according to tax law and relating to commercial law.

Detailed information to the data security.


In the duty forms for packages in countries(lands) beyond the EU the value of the articles contained in the delivery is specified after product type. Customs duties or import fees are raised, as long as the package has reached your country(land). Fees for the gift free of customs duty go to your weights; we have no influence on these fees and can also not predict their height. The duty regulations vary from land to land considerably. If you wish further information about that point, get in touch best with your local customs house.