Leg Wrap Asgar, Wool

Leg Wrap Asgar, Wool

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Since the 2nd / 3rd century AD can be the leg wrap, (or leg binding) archaeological evidence in the Germanic area.
Romans on the Hadrian's Wall used it, Byzantine, then Franconia, Alamann, Bajuwaren, Wenden (Slavs), as well as Normans, Vikings, and other peoples of Central and Northern Europe.
The materials wool, linen, felt or leather are considered practicable.

- Colours: Black Gray, Olive Gray, Bordeaux Gray.

- The dimensions of our leg-wrap are approx. 380 cm x 10 cm.
- 2 leg wraps are supplied.

Shipping time: 2 to 3 Days.

The fabric is made of 40% wool, 30% polyester and 30% polyacrylic.

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