Bread Bag Ehwaz




Bread bags or pilgrims' bags are documented in contemporary illustrations of the high-middle age, for example in the Codex Manesse.

But also from the early Middle Ages, the time of the Vikings and Germans, finds in the excavations in Birka, Haithabu and Wurt Elisenhof various similar models.

The bag Ehwaz thus represents a handbag which can be worn through all epochs of the Middle Ages, the authentic look of which is reinforced by the coarse woven fabric made of 100% uncombed cotton.

The shoulder bag Ehwaz can be worn as a high-medieval pilgrim's bag or bread bag, but it also fits into other medieval epochs, eg as a Viking bag or a Germanic garment.

- The fabric used is made from 100% uncombed cotton.

The long hanger loop as well as the coarse fabric give the bag a wonderfully medieval appearance.

- Colours: Black, Brown, Sand, Green, Blue, Hemp.

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.

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