Archers Celeta Helmet

Delivery weight: 2.2 kg



- Suitable for exhibition fight -

The Celeta as the Barbuta is a member of the Bacinet family.

In compare with the Barbuta the Celeta lacks a Nasal and the face is not so much covered.

Originated in Italy where the early types appeared as soon as the early 14th century it soon spread all over Europe.

This type has a movable cheek plate.
Pulling back the bow string the cheek plate will move back as well and fall back into place after the arrow is released.

Handbeaten out of two halfs of 2 mm (14 gauge) steel, then welded and polished.

- Comes with an adjustable spieder style leather liner with chin strap.

This processing guarantees the highest robustness and therefore big protection with the exhibition fight.

Availably in different sizes:
- Size M: to 61 cm of head range.
- Size L: to 63 cm of head range.
- Size XL: to 65 cm of head range.

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.

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