Sir William Marshall Sword, high carbon steel blade

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The Hanwei single-hand Marshall Sword sets new standards of quality and authenticity in broadsword construction.
The sword is based on an original, now in a British museum, used by one of England's finest knights, Sir William Marshall, who served the crown faithfully under Henry II, Richard the Lionheart and Jack Lackland.
The single-hand Marshall Sword is available with either a forged high-carbon steel blade or a forged - folded Swedish powder steel blade (=Damascus blade, code HN-SH2001).
Both blades are identical in handling characteristics and both are tempered to a tough HRC 52. The blade section features a central ridged fuller and full-length distal taper - a tough test for the bladesmith but resulting in a superb combination of speed and strength.
The grip is leather wrapped and laced and the guard and pommel are elegant in their functional simplicity.
The scabbard is leather-covered with steel mounts.
Truly a sword for the connoisseur.

Key features:
- Authentic replica of a museum piece.
- Excellent balance
- Fully functional.

- Overall: approx. 101.6 cm.
- Blade Length: approx. 84.5 cm.
- Handle Length: approx. 17.15 cm.
- Weight: approx. 926 g.
- Point of Balance: approx. 20.3 cm.
- Point of Harmonics: approx. 58.4 cm.
- Width at Guard: approx. 46.5 mm.
- Width at Tip: approx. 23.1 mm.
- Thickness at Guard: approx. 5.6 mm.
- Thickness at Tip: approx. 0.46 mm.

Specs can vary slightly from piece to piece.

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.

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