Neck Plate Dark Drake, Steel

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The Neck Plate Dark Drake consists of a breastplate and a smaller backplate and features riveted leather straps with buckles for an individual fit.
Furthermore this piece of armour provides additional fastenings for shoulder armour.
Made from 1 mm thick steel and with no sharp edges, therefore safe for LARP weapons.
What makes this piece of armour from the Epic Dark range by Epic Armoury so special is the unique raised pattern and the dark steel as it represents a more raw and ancient look.
A perfect addition to your LARP character if you tend more towards the dark side, but can of course be worn with many other characters like renaissance or gothic, too.

- Material: 1 mm steel, leather (straps).
- Available sizes: S, M/L/XL


Size Weight Width Neckline Diameter
S approx. 450 g approx. 30 cm approx. 14 cm
M/L/XL approx. 650 g approx. 34 cm approx. 17 cm

Keep armour pieces dry and apply a thin layer of oil during storage to avoid rust. Rub with fine steel wool to remove patches and wipe with oil if rust appears. To increase the longevity of the leather parts of your armour maintain them with leather care products on a regular basis.

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.

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