Bevor, Shiny Steel

Delivery weight: 750 g



This bevor (or gorget) was made from 1 mm thick polished steel with rivets and has no sharp edges to make it safe for LARP weapons.
You can adjust it on your neck for an individual fit with a leather strap and a buckle. No matter if you wear it as part of your armour or on its own it will for sure look great on you.
This way you are well protected at a LARP against any frontal attack without losing your vision or your freedom of movement.

- Material: 1 mm steel, vegetable tanned leather (strap).
- Total weight: approx. 750 g.
- Length: approx. 24 cm.
- Width: approx. 25 cm.
- Maximum width of facial section: approx. 15,5 cm.

Keep armour pieces dry and apply a thin layer of oil during storage to avoid rust. Rub with fine steel wool to remove patches and wipe with oil if rust appears. To increase the longevity of the leather parts of your armour maintain them with leather care products on a regular basis.

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.

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