Tripod Stool wood and leather



This folding stool with wooden poles and an equal-sided seating made from leather (side length approx. 32 cm each) comes with a leather strap attached to one leg that allows you to carry the stool over your shoulder or your back at any time.
For a safe sit the leather seating was bolted into the legs with brass screws.
Due to the design this stool will fit with any LARP character but can be used for a camping trip to sit at the campfire or a hike, too.

- Material: vegetable tanned leather, wood.
- Available sizes: M, L.


Size Seat height Weight
M approx. 65 cm approx. 1800 g
L approx. 75 cm approx. 2000 g

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.

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