Pugio from Vindonissa with silver inlay

Delivery weight: 900 g



Reconstruction of a Roman dagger, which was designed very skillfully and with great manual skill.
Both the plates riveted handle and the front panel of the vagina are very expensive fitted with silver inlays.
The scabbard is made of wood, covered with leather and has the typical four riveted belt fastenings made ​​of brass.
The blade has four narrow grooves running together.
The blades are unsharpened.
The model of our replica comes from the Roman legionary camp Vindonissa, today Windisch, Switzerland.
On the pommel incorporated a trident, the symbol of the Roman sea god Neptune.
It could be pointed out that the Pugio was originally made ​​for an officer of the Roman naval forces.

- Total length of the dagger 37.5 cm.
- Blade length: 25 cm.
- Weight of the dagger with scabbard: 900 g

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.

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