Italian Da Carrara Beast Hammer, Raven's Beak, 14th C.

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The hammer is one of the oldest Germanic blunt weapons and the war hammer enjoyed great popularity in the Middle Ages owing to its extreme effectiveness.

It notably saw service with the cavalry from the 13th century onwards. As steel armour had increasingly become more elaborate and thicker over time, the so-called horseman's pick proved to be exceptionally valuable thanks to its weight and its ability to pierce and crush even the heaviest of armour.

The raven's beak or bec de corbin is a late medieval version of this polearm. Especially the spike from which it derived its name made this impact weapon a powerful instrument against well-armoured opponents, capable of penetrating thick plate armour or mail.

This replica of a 14th c. Italian hammer features an animal-like figure with a gaping mouth. The hammer head sticks out from the beast's wide open mouth, while the sharp, downward curved spike represents the creature's tail. The beast (incl. the socket) is made of brass, and the protruding hammer head as well as the spike are forged from steel. The wooden shaft is riveted to the head and equipped with a brass butt cap.

Key features:
- Richly adorned hammer.
- High carbon steel hammer head and spike.

- Material: high carbon steel, brass, wood.
- Overall length: approx. 67 cm.
- Handle length: approx. 52 cm.
- Head width: approx. 15 cm.
- Weight: approx. 1328 g.

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.

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