Longbow Agincourt 58 RH, dark brown, string included

(Instep weight libs: 40libs)

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Our traditional strongbows are made of highest-quality rotan palm wood.
This wood is very flexible as well as robust.
The strongbow line offers the right bow for every bowsman.
They are well suited for medieval reenactment and Larp.
The authentic look, ergonomic qualities and good value for the price combine to make this strongbow line an excellent choice for traditional bowsmen.

The 58-inch version (approx. 147 cm) is also available for left-handed users and with a shelf.

- Material: rotan palm wood.
- Length: 58 inches – approx. 147 cm.
- Max. pull: 27 inches.
- Draw weights: 15 – 40 lbs.
- Colour: dark brown, stained.

A string is included.

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.

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Instep weight libs 40libs

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