Cocking Lever for Medieval Crossbows

Delivery weight: 0.8 kg



A cocking lever for tensioning a crossbow, in German also called a GoatŽs foot. This practical lever belonged to the equipment of practically every crossbowman. the middle, movably mounted hook is being paced on the string, the rear legs pass to the sides of the crossbows body, where they hold on to projecting pins, the lever is moved backwards and the string becomes tensioned.

This accessory is compatible with our crossbow models MW0616510200, MW0616510300 and MW0616510400.

- Material: blackened steel.
- Length (fold out): approx. 50 cm.
- Width: approx. 5 cm.
- Weight: approx. 0.8 kg.

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.

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