Small Scottish Round Shield, Mini Targe

Delivery weight: 680 g



The Scottish Highlanders' targe was not only an effective protective device used to block enemy blows, but also a powerful bludgeoning weapon.

The hand targe we offer here is a downsized version of the famous Highland targes most known for their use by the Jacobites (the supporters of the exiled Stuart king James II and his descendants) in late 17th/18th century Scotland. Its intricate pattern is inspired by several historical original pieces.

Although half the size of a conventional Scottish round shield, this hand-crafted mini targe is as visually appealing as its larger counterparts. Made from wood, it is tightly overlaid with genuine tooled leather fixed with brass rivets all around the edge. The nicely decorated front features a brass boss in its centre. It is elaborately adorned with Celtic style embossments and studded with numerous brass ornaments. The shield's suede-covered back is fitted with a pair of so-called enarmes (arm straps) made of thick, sturdy leather and tightly held in place with brass rivets.

This small Scottish targe is just an ideal accessory for re-enactors and collectors alike.

- Material: wood and leather, brass shield boss and fittings.
- Diameter: approx. 28 cm.
- Thickness: approx. 14 mm.
- Weight: approx. 680 g.

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.

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