Long Gambeson, natural colour

(Size: S)


Thick, protective gambeson for battle reenactment, suitable for wear under long chain maille (hauberk).

A gambeson is a padded garment which was worn under plate armour or chain maille.

It spreads the energy of incoming blows and thus protects against fractures, bruises and other injuries.

- outer layer: 100% cotton.
- padding: 100% Polyester (this will keep you dryer than cotton padding).

Size S = Length: approx. 92 cms, chest circumference: approx. 100 cms, sleeve length: approx. 50 cms.

Size M = Length: approx. 96 cms, chest circumference: approx. 106 cms, sleeve length: approx. 55 cms.

Size L = Length: approx. 97 cms, chest circumference: approx. 112 cms, sleeve length: approx. 57 cms.

Size XL = Length: approx. 100 cms, chest circumference: approx. 124 cms, sleeve length: approx. 57 cms.

Size XXL = Length: approx. 103 cms, chest circumference: approx. 130 cms, sleeve length: approx. 58 cms.

Size XXXL = Length: approx. 106 cms, chest circumference: approx. 132 cms, sleeve length: approx. 60 cms.

Shipping time: 7 bis 14 Tage.

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Size S

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