Padded Gladiator Leg Guard

Delivery weight: 300 g



The Gladiators used arm and leg protection during their fights.
These were either made of cloth and padding material or of leather or metal.

Our leg guards from cloth are made after contemporary depictions and have one outer layer of strong cotton canvas, a padding layer filled with polyester and a lining of cotton.
There are eight leather straps sewn to the cloth for a adjustable fixing on the leg.
Delivery includes just one leg padding, which can be worn either on the right or on the left leg.

- Outer material: 100% cotton.
- Filling material: 100% Polyester.
- with leather straps and belt.
- length: approx. 72 cm.
- max. circumference: approx. 50 cm.
- weight: approx. 300 g.

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.

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