Medieval Braies Johann, natural colored

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These ruptures are made of natural cotton fabric.
The waistband is cut very far, which gives the break their typical 
The waistband is individually adjusted with a drawstring. 
On the waistband leggings can be easily attached with nests. 
The inner leg seams are high-slit, so the break seam can be turned 
over and put into the waistband. 
In the summer you can simply shorten the leg length.

The Bruche was the underpants of the Middle Ages. 
It was worn only by men and counted underwear, so they are 
only natural color. 
Lower stalls were also visible when working in the summer. 
Leggings and an at least thigh-length tunic were worn for the break. 
Towards the late Middle Ages, the underpants became ever narrower 
until it finally resembled a slip today.
Representations of fractions are numerous, e.g. in the 
Maciejowski Bible and as sculpture at the Cathedral of Reims.
- Available sizes: S/M/L, XL/XXL.
- Color: natural.
- Material: 100% cotton.
- Overall length with size S-L: approx. 75 cm.
- Care instructions: machine wash at 40 ° C, 
gentle cycle, not suitable for driers.
Size Chart - 
Men - Pants
Size: S-L XL/XXL
Hip circumference 
(in cm):
98-114 122-124

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.

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