Medieval Hose with Laces

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These medieval hose (also called chausses) are made from cotton fabric and equipped with laces with metal points. They are cut on the bias, which give them a natural elasticity and hugely increases wearing comfort. Small side slits on the hems make them easy to tuck into shoes. The look and cut of these hose can be historically assigned to the High Middle Ages.

Although the existence of hose can be traced as far back as the Neolithic period, this type of legwear didn't really get popular until the Middle Ages, when more fitted clothing first began to become fashionable. Exclusively worn by men and initially used as undergarments, they were tied to a belt or directly to the braies with pointed cords.
By the Late Middle Ages, the cut had further evolved, so that the hose were usually covering the buttocks and often worn with a doublet. Mi-Parti hose (also referred to as parti-coloured hose, divided - mostly vertically - in different colours) were also quite popular.
Numerous illustrations bear testimony to the prevalence of hose in the Middle Ages, for example in the Rutland Psalter, an illuminated manuscript, and in the Morgan Bible (also known as the Maciejowski Bible or Crusader Bible), a picture bible from the 13th century.

- Available sizes: S/M, L/XL, XXL.
- Colours: natural-coloured, brown, red.
- Material: 100% cotton, brass points.
- Length overall size L/XL: approx. 102 cm.
- Care instructions: machine wash at 40°C, gentle cycle, do not tumble dry.
- The hose are sold in pairs.


Size Chart - Men - Hose
Thigh Circumference (in cm) 64 72 76

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.

Please note: Delivery includes the pair of hose only! The tunic and accessories pictured above are available separately in our online shop.

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