Wood bucket, approx. 5 liters and approx. 10 liters, spruce

(Variants: approx. 5 liters)
Delivery weight: 1.35 kg



Wood bucket from spruce.

Practical and decorative bucket from spruce.

The strings and handles are protected from galvanized steel and therefore against corrosion.

Who would like to have it more authentically, lets itself manufacture the fittings at the next market by the smith in manual labour.

Filling amount approx. 5 liters:
- Height: 24 cm.
- Max. Diameter (outside): approx. 22.5 cm.
- Wall thickness: 1.5 cm.
- Weight: 1.35 kg.

Filling amount approx. 10 liters:
- Height: 28 cm.
- Max. Diameter (outside): approx. 26 cm.
- Wall thickness: 1.5 cm.
- Weight: 1.85 kg.

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.

Additional product information

Variants approx. 5 liters

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