Viking Style Bag with Wooden Handles, various colours

Delivery weight: 170 g



Beautiful Viking purse made of leather with wooden handles, modeled on archaeological finds from Hedeby (also calledHaithabu), the main Viking settlement on the Jutland peninsula (close to the north German town of Schleswig).

This Hedeby bag is available in three different colours. The handles are either made of pine wood or palisander (rosewood). With alength of approx. 140 cm, the carrying cord is adequately sized to carry the purse slung over the shoulder.

- Material: leather and wood (pine wood or rosewood).
- Dimensions: approx. 27 x 25 cm, approx. 140 cm long carrying strap.
- Available colours: light brown, dark brown, black.
- Weight: approx. 170 g.

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.

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