Roman face masks, brass plated

Delivery weight: 200 g



Very good replica of a Roman face mask.

The original was found fitted with an Imperial Gallic Cavalry helmet (Item-no. MW1716604901).

The mask is similar to that found in Kalkriese face mask.

But even in the middle ages the wearing of face masks, for example, was of very rich lepers often customary.

While the previous model was cast from brass and was therefore very weighty, and now hand forwarding this revised version of a very successful and authentic piece.

The inside is completely lined with leather.

A montage of leather straps to carry or directly to a helmet can be made quickly with little effort and some skill.

- Material: 1.2 mm brass, tin-plated.
- Weight: approx. 200 g.

Shipping time:7 to 14 Days.

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