Wax Torch, approx. 90 min. burning life

Delivery weight: 175 g



These wax torches are hand-made from jute, which was twisted, tied and repeatedly dipped in liquid wax. The wooden handle comes unmounted. These premium cloth torches are made in Germany. Their high-quality guarantees a consistent, uniform burning without smoke production.

Wax torches are ideal for medieval and LARP events, outdoor and garden parties, torch processions and many other occasions.

- Burning life: approx. 90 min., depending on the weather conditions.
- Length of the burning end: approx. 45 cm.
- Total length with handle: approx. 60 cm.
- Diameter of the burning end: approx. 3 cm.
- Total weight with handle: approx. 175 g.

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.

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