Chastity Belt with Padlock

Delivery weight: 1.25 kg



Back in the Middle Ages, according to the widely-held view of the time, a knight who was about to set out on a long journey (e.g. for a crusade, a campaign or an Imperial Diet) had only one effective way to protect the beloved from unwanted "access": the chastity belt, also known as Florentine girdle.

This replica is made of sheet steel and equipped with a padlock.
The belt is quite small in size (girth approx. 75 cm) and only adjustable to a limited extent. It is therefore more suitable as a decorative prop rather than as an actual belt to put on.

- Material: steel (non stainless).
- Girth: max. 75 cm.
- Finish: polished on the outside, black lacquered on the inside (lightly oiled on both sides).

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.

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