Powder horn with shutoff valve made ​​of brass and leather belt

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This powder horn made ​​of real cow horn is modeled after original finds.
An indispensable accessory for support of muzzle-loaders, muskets, flintlock pistols, etc.
The horn is notched decorative and has a cap of wood, which is secured with authentic brass nails.
At the tip of the horn, the fillable opening by means of a screwed brass plug is closed.
In the brass lock and a spring valve is with its one can easily dispense the powder feed.
The horn also has a narrow leather strap, so you can wear it over your shoulder.
It is in the cow horn is a natural product.
Variations in shape and color are taken for granted.

- Length: approx. 25 to 30 cm.
- Material: cow horn, brass, wood, leather.

Shipping time: 3 to 7 Days.

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