Viking Shoes Skjöld, Brown

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A viking buskin from the period of 800 - 1100 AD, the pattern corresponds to a finding from Haithabu. Typically for viking shoes, the sole is raised up at the heel and phases out in a triangular shape. The shaft reaches til over the ankle, and the shoes are being closed with four leather tabs and toggles. The whole shoe is made from vegetable tanned cow hide, the sole is fixed by high stable nails.

Please note:
The robustness of shoes according to historical patterns may not meet the modern requirements!
They are quite sensitive to asphalt, concrete stones and gravel. These floor coverings did not exist in the Middle Ages!
we therefore recommend wearing pattens (medieval wooden overshoes), insoles or to retrofit them with rubbersoles at the shoemaker of your choice.

- Material: cow hide.
- Upper leather: approx. 2,5 mm.
- Sole leather: approx. 7 mm.
- Sizes: 37 - 48.

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.

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