Medieval lighter in a leather bag

36.06 / set(s)




The sturdy leather pouch contains everything you need to make an authentic fire like in the Middle Ages.

The medieval fire-maker set contains a leather bag with a diameter of 25 cm, which offers enough space for the "lighter" - everything you need to make a fire.

Included are:
1 carbon steel.
1 flint in a handy size.
1 sachet of fine fluff from the cattail (5 g).
1 sachet with dry tinder wood (40 g).
1 pine chip with high resin content.
1 Instructions for making a fire with stone and tinder.

With such a medieval lighter, even the interested layman of our time can, with a little patience and practice, authentically light a fire - as our ancestors used to do daily not so long ago.

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.

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