Scissors Chair with leather seat

Delivery weight: 5.6 kg



Reconstruction of a medieval scissors chair from wood and leather.

The use of scissors- or folding-chairs is reaching back to the Romans, but they were also very popular in medieval times and even nowadays.

It’s easy to guess why: The lightweight and space-saving chairs are easy to carry but nevertheless very comfortable.

Actually this chair can be dismantled completely, for all wooden joints are connected with removable wooden pegs.

These chairs are simply brilliant and perfect for market, camp or a rustic home.

- Total length up to the back of chair: approx. 65 cm.
- Material: rosewood, cowhide.
- Seat height: approx. 47cm.
- Depth: approx. 32 cm.
- Seating: approx. 40 cm x 30 cm.
- Weight: approx. 5.6 kg.

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.

A product of ULFBERTH®.

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