RRR Chain mail coif with square ventail, ID8mm, natural finish

Delivery weight: 3.6 kg



This chain maille fabric is made from round rings with domed rivet heads. All rings are riveted.

We call this type of weave RRR ( Round Ring Riveted).

The coif is well sized and covers the shoulders.

It has an authentic square facial section.

This coif has also a square ventail which can be folded down.

The ventail is padded from inside, covered with leather and can be fixed with a leather lace.

This kind of coif was common during the high medieval period, e.g. worn by Normans and Crusaders.

- interior diameter: 8 mm.
- ring thickness: 1.4 mm.
- finish: natural (slightly oiled).
- weight: approx. 3.6 kg.

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.

This is an ULFBERTH® product.

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