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Gauntlets (Steel), Pair

170.58 / pair(s)
Delivery weight: 1,404 g




Comfortable guantlets made from 1 mm thick steel with rivets and no sharp edges to make them safe for LARP weapons.
Several riveted single steel plates overlapping each other are nevertheless so flexible that you even can make a fist while wearing them, and of course your fingers, the back of your hand and parts of your forearm are well protected against sword blows or other impacts during a LARP battle.
The leather gloves are riveted to the plates to make sure you can put them on fast and easy and they feature a leather strap with a buckle around your wrist for an individual fit.

- Delivery includes: 1 pair (= 2 pieces) gauntlets.
- Material: 1 mm steel, vegetable tannel leather (straps), split leather (gloves).
- Size: one size (approx. size 10).
- Total weight: approx. 1404 g.
- Length: approx. 34 cm.
- Circumference at wrist: approx. 19 cm min./approx. 29 cm max.

Keep armour pieces dry and apply a thin layer of oil during storage to avoid rust. Rub with fine steel wool to remove patches and wipe with oil if rust appears. To increase the longevity of the leather parts of your armour maintain them with leather care products on a regular basis.

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.

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1 - 1 of 21 results