Leg Warmers Brandolf

Leg Warmers Brandolf

29.90 / pair(s)



Leg Warmers came up in the European Middle Ages in the late 11th century and continued to be used in the Middle and Western Europe as legwear. Its origin may be found in Byzantium. What we know is that they were first fashion to the ruling class and spread from there to the population.

The narrow
Leg Warmers, which were always made of wool, and which could be seen both with or without an integrated foot part, determined from then on the beauty side of the mnemonic fashion.

At the beginning of the fifteenth century,
Leg Warmers began to resemble a closed pair of trousers; Which means they got higher and eventually grew up together.

The beautiful calf, with the success of the
Leg Warmers for centuries, became one of the fashionable hanger signs of male appeal. Leggings should therefore not be as loose as a modern trousers, but rather like a tight pantyhose. This was made possible by the textile properties of the wool. Our model Brandolf is worn slightly loosely and made of cotton.

- Colours: Black, Brown, Hemp.
- Sizes:

100% Cotton.

Shipping time: 7 to 14 days.

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