Norman Shoes, 11th century

Norman Shoes, 11th century

(Size: 7 (40,5))
71.90 / pair(s)



These authentic boots are crafted by cobblers who have generations of experience passed down through the family which allows them to produce this top quality footware.

These shoes and boots are hand stitched.

These boots were worn mostly by Norman warriors, and are a must-have for reenactors who take part in the annual Battle of Hastings.

- Double-layer leather (3 mm thick).
- Leather sole.
- all seams hand-sewn.

- Colour: dark brown.
- Different sizes available.

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.
(3 to 6 weeks if not in stock!)

This is an Orginal GETDRESSEDFORBATTLE® ™ product.

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Size 7 (40,5)

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