The Seax of Beagnoth - Gold and Silver inlaid, limited edition

The Seax of Beagnoth - Gold and Silver inlaid, limited edition

Delivery weight: 2 kg



Limited Deluxe-replica of a 9th century Anglo-Saxon seax.
The master was found in the river Thames in 1857 and is displayed in the British Museum nowadays.
That’s why it’s also called Thames scramasax.
The blade is complexly decorated and provided with a runic inscription.
On one side you’ll find engraved the complete runic alphabet, on the other side the word Beagnoth, which is supposed to be the name of the owner or the smith of the seax.

Our replica is very close to its master.
The inscription is, like the original, inlaid with gold and silver.
The gunblued blade has a narrow but deep fuller.
The hilt from wood is fixed to the angle with brass rivets and strengthened with two brass rings.
The blade is not sharpened.
Delivery includes a solid and authentic sheath from cowhide and brass fittings with a knotted design.

- Material: carbon steel, ginblued.
- Including matching sheath from cowhide.
- Comes with wall display.
- Total length: approx. 70.5 cm.
- Blade length: approx. 53.5 cm.
- Weight: approx. 650 g.
- Including numbered certificate of authenticity.

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.

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