Leather Tricorne Dark Brown

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Contrary to popular belief, the tricorne was not a military head covering that one pirate or another had also adopted during the course of his career.
The tricorne was the advanced development of the wide-brimmed hats that were popular before 1690.
The rolled or cocked brim was favored because it directed the rain to your shoulders instead of allowing it to stream down your face.
In the days before truly effective rain gear was invented, this was a definite plus!

Starting at around 1720, the tricorne found its way into middle class fashion and would have typically been worn with a braid.
Pirates also followed the trend.
Our genuine leather tricorne in dark brown comes with wide brim that you can fold up and fasten with straps yourself.

This hat is available in two sizes: Medium and Large.

- Hatsize Medium: approx. 58-59 cm.
- Hatsize Large: approx. 61-62 cm.
- Material: Genuine Leather.

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.

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