Italian Kettle Hat, 1460 with leather inlet

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This replica of an Italian Kettle Hat is hand forged from 1.6 mm thick steel.

The original is dated to the year 1460.
These helmets were especially very common among foot soldiers not only in Italy, but also for example in Switzerland and southern Germany.
The wide brim protected not only the head but also shoulders, chest and back of hazards that came from above, such as the shower of arrows of late medieval archers.

The brim and intersecting, undulating steel straps are riveted to the helmet bowl.
This consists of two parts of the center was welded.
Although the thickness of the material is "only" 1.6 mm, the helmet must be designated quite as battle-ready due to the broadening.
Includes a high quality padded leather inlays and chin strap for a perfect fit.

- Size: for head circumference (hat size) suitable to approximately 61 cm.
inside distance (back of the head-end): approx. 21.5 cm.
inside distance (ear-ear): approx. 17.5 cm.
- Material: approx. 1.6 mm steel.
- Inlet with chin strap made ​​of cowhide.
- Weight: approximately 3.0 kg.

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.

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