Spectical Helmet Beowulf with cheek guards and aventail

Delivery weight: 2.25 kg



Beautiful spectical helmet in style of early medieval times, as it has been worn by Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.
It is featured with brass fittings and is completed with an aventail from butted chain mail and two cheek guards.

Suits well for LARP, theatre and costume.
The helmet has an adjustable liner with solid chin strap from leather and a brass buckle.

- head circumference: up to 63 cm.
- Long distance (front to back): approx. 22.5 cm.
- Short distance: (ear to ear): approx. 19 cm.
- Material thickness: 1.2 mm steel.
- Chain mail weave from tinned, 1.6 mm strong rings from steel, inner diameter approx. 8 mm.
- Liner and chin strap from cowhide.
- Weight: approx. 2.25 kg.

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.

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