Republican Montefortino helmet, brass

Delivery weight: 1.4 kg



The Montefortino helmet, named after the site near the present area of Fermo (Italy), is the most documented type of helmet of the roman legions, and was in use during various stages of development from the Punic wars (approx. 260 BC) until the time of Augustus Cesar (63 BC - 14 AD).

Includes a padded cap from cotton.

- up to approx. 70 cm circumference of the head.
- inner distance back- to forehead: approx. 24 cm.
- inner distance ear to ear: approx. 20 cm.
- Material: approx. 1.2 mm brass.
- Weight: approx. 1.4 kg

Shipping time: 7 to 14 Days.

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